Ascension: The FireFlower


Immortal yet trapped in time, Creation's favorite Fallen Angel fights to keep humanity in the Dark and the soulmate Heaven sent to save him from the Light.

Ascension and the end of time upon them, star-crossed lovers the Fallen Angel and the High Priestess meet again on the spiritual battlefield of a mysterious Caribbean island, last secret outpost of Atlantis the Lost. But to know how time ends, one must first know how it began…

Far more than a tourist mecca, the tropical paradise is in fact the only geologic remnant of Atlantis. Through cataclysmic upheaval, conquest and slavery, the bloodline of the original inhabitants, the People of One, survives. The island's true history secret to all but a few, it is their voice, faint at first, which increases in volume as the Day of Light approaches.

High Priestess Maman Lezarde, feared island soothsayer and the last of her line, awaits the one who can tie the threads of time... A Fallen Angel heeds the call, and is returned, to the sacred land where he first entered the world of form. Keeper of Creation's stolen secrets, Griffin Arakiel is humanity's 'missing link' , instigator and witness to the 'super-monkeys' suffering. Unholy host of a luxurious new-age resort built blasphemously on the ancestral grounds of the People of One, there he laments his lost love, and summons the Serpent Queen to pay again the price of her unending life. Vengeful queen at his side, Griffin's game is still that of exacting retribution from God, with disastrous results for himself and all life everywhere. But Griffin is not as truly forgotten as he thinks... A natural born psychic who robs people blind, Gabrielle Venture also takes cover at the Light Resort, where she runs into Griffin and more trouble than even she could predict... Her ex-mentor and nemesis the 'King of Con' newly married into the Rocheleau's charmed inner circle, Jack Tremaine's eccentric sugar heiress wife's life and money are in his hands. It's now up to Arriana Rocheleau, Jack's teenage step-daughter, to clear her ancestors' cursed karma. Meanwhile, Maman's rebel grand-son Ezekiel dreams of Arriana, but destiny is what happens while you're making other plans...

Mythic touchstone to cosmic soul-mates called to its emerald shores, collective memory awakens as the island draws back to itself lost lovers belonging to it as in the beginning, to tie the threads of time. Nothing on Esperance is what it appears to be, a final critical choice remains: if love is to prevail, and the fireflower is to ascend.

Andrea Hansen Card

A Novel for the Third Millennium

Copyright © 2006-2009 Andrea Hansen, FireFlower Communications. All Rights Reserved.