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“The truth of human spiritual experience transcends religion, race and creed, trumping history, duality & even death.”
- Andrea Hansen

Andrea Hansen is the visionary author of 'Ascension: The FireFlower', a mystical thriller for the Third Millennium (September 2009).

In her following book, 'The Andromeda Chronicles: Confessions of a Spiritual Activist' Andrea will share her evolving adventures in consciousness. Meanwhile, stay tuned with 'The Andromeda Report'.

Mystic: One who knows spiritual truth, or a feeling of union with the Divine, through direct experience.

A modern mystic in her own right, Andrea Hansen's twenty-something awakening to the underlying nature of reality is beautifully captured in her first novel, 'Dark Side of the Sun.'

“In the footsteps of Castaneda and Rumi, I am privileged to follow...”
- Andrea Hansen, 'The Andromeda Chronicles: Confessions of a Spiritual Activist'

Andrea's own life has been a wild ride into the mystic...

A first generation Canadian of European descent, Andrea Hansen was raised on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia and in Costa Rica. At the age of 19, she graduated from the University of Toronto, Trinity College, with a Double Major in English Literature and Sociology, and a Minor in Psychology, Honours B.A.

She then began her career as an environmental activist in public relations, public education, fundraising, consulting and children's television, in both government and private sectors. But Life had other plans...

On a holiday trip to the land of the Hopi in the South-West, Andrea's life changed forever.

The seed of this spiritual initiation was planted twelve years earlier, when just after celebrating her 12th birthday in Paris, she travelled to Egypt with her mother and grand-mother. Over three days on a once-in-a-lifetime trip, they visited the Temples of Luxor and Karnak, the Cairo Museum, and the Pyramids. At the pyramids, her 'pyramid-power' mother was too scared to go inside. So it was grandmother who hiked up to the entrance of the Great Pyramid, where Andrea and her younger brother were welcomed by the Guardians and allowed to go in all by themselves. Inside the pyramid, Andrea (who her entire childhood had been fascinated with Egypt) was mysteriously guided to end up alone in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid. This occurred mainly because her little brother got spooked and high-tailed it out of the Chamber without telling her he was leaving.

So, back to the spiritual initiation of the Ancients...

“At the age of twenty-three, I thought I was on vacation, but as it turned out, I had an 'appointment' with Time. My youthful days of believing that shopping at Holt-Renfrew was important were over.”

- Andrea Hansen, 'The Andromeda Chronicles: Confessions of a Spiritual Activist'

Just two days before her 24th birthday, while on her 'vacation', Andrea ended up in the Utah desert where she unexpectedly underwent the shock and trauma of what Carlos Castaneda's Toltec Naguals refer to as the 'cracking' of the 'luminous cocoon', or 'light-body', into three, or four, prongs. In her case, Andrea's light-body was shredded. Normally, this would result in death of the physical body.

With zero preconceived ideas of what was happening to her, and in a state of complete dissolution of self, Andrea received the Kalachakra Initiation directly through her own experience of the underlying nature of reality. Gautama Buddha also experienced the golden Wheel of Time directly; the Ancient Egyptians knew of it; in the sacred Vedas it is referred to as 'the place where the Goddess resides at the center of the Sun Disc'; and certain Native American traditions call it the 'Doorway to the Great Sun in the West.'

“The true Kalachakra is not a product of human endeavor or mind. The Kalachakra belongs only to itself, and therefore cannot be bought, sold, or given by one human being to another. It is a divine revelation, not an item of trade.”

- Andrea Hansen, 'The Andromeda Chronicles: Confessions of a Spiritual Activist'

Immediately after receiving the Kalachakra, Andrea entered and traversed the Void, travelling well beyond the astral plane. Her life forever changed, she has had to learn to live with the experience: kundalini completely and spontaneously awakened; a fully activated Merkaba; and the ongoing multi-dimensionality of the infinite energy field of divine consciousness which the lost symbol of the Flower of Life embodies.

To make a long story short, after surviving the unexpected, unsought and unimaginable Shamanic initiation of the Ancients, Andrea was catapulted on a quest of spiritual transmutation. 'ASCENSION: The FireFlower' is the fruit of that quest.

In her research of 'ASCENSION: The FireFlower', and all her writings, she has travelled extensively.

“A wild ride into the mystic...”

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Andres in Cannes with Terminator Poster
Andrea at Festival de Cannes

Andrea with Moses Znaimer
Andrea with Moses Znaimer

Andrea with Swami G
Andrea with Swamiji Pushkarananda

Andres in Cannes with Matris Poster
Andrea at Festival de Cannes

Andrea at Louvre Museum in Paris, France
Andrea at Louvre Museum

Utah Desert Red RocksUtah Desert Red Rocks

Andrea at the CFC picnic
Andrea at the CFC picnic

Andrea with the Sacred Mother
Andrea with the Sacred Mother

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