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“A wild ride into the mystic...” Ascension: The FireFlower Book Cover

Ascension and the end of time upon them, star-crossed lovers the Fallen Angel and the High Priestess meet again on the mysterious Caribbean island of Esperance, spiritual battlefield and last secret outpost of Atlantis the Lost... But to know how time ends, one must first know how it began...

The End of Time fast approaching, Fallen Archangel Griffin Arakiel takes refuge on the mysterious Caribbean island of Esperance – all that remains of Atlantis the Great. Because of him, Atlantis fell. Because of him, the world is about to end. Unless... Arakiel's doomed soulmate through time, the High Priestess of Atalan – now reincarnated as a young woman on Esperance – can remember who she truly is. Will she fall for the shadow soulmate she was sent to find lost in time? Or will she tie the threads of time, and Ascend, before Arakiel has his way – and time runs out for everyone.

A novel for the Third Millenium, 'Ascension: The FireFlower' is a mystical adventure right through the Gates of Ascension.

“Griffin Arakiel is a bad boy.
A very, very bad boy.”

Meet Heaven's Favourite Star-Crossed Lovers
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